Saturday, 23 May 2015

Caturday: Mr Winky's trip to the vet

It’s been a Big Week for Mr Winky. On Monday he had to have two teeth out; a minor op in the grand scheme of things but I still didn’t like to think of him having a general at the grand old age of 11. 

I didn’t even take him to the vet’s for his teeth but you know how things go once you’re in there...

He’s been overgrooming for a while, something we put down to stress, but no amount of Feliway has stopped it. Overgrooming can be caused by a million and one things but the vet suspected a skin issue, as he was producing a lot of dander and, obligingly, sneezed while we were there (I’d forgotten about the sneezing because it had eased off recently). 

She wanted to give him a steroid but couldn’t because of the potential infection in his gum, so that was that. All Monday I was anxious, desperate to get Mr W back home. So much so that I forgot to ask them if we could keep the teeth, for him to put under his pillow!

The good news is that the vet gave him the steroid after the op and the difference in him has been remarkable. 

You can’t tell from the photo but he’s a New Cat. No longer is he constantly bothering his fur, shaking his head or being ansty. Now he is chilled-out enough to concentrate on his favourite hobbies of sleeping and thinking about physics, the state of the economy and learning Esperanto (he’s a very clever animal). 

Unfortunately, the steroid’s powers only last for a week, so it’s back to the vet on Tuesday to discover our next move. He really won’t like that. 


  1. I do hope Mr Winky stays well following his op and the steroid. Having been the owner of a delightful moggy for 15 years (now in cat heaven), I can relate to being an anxious mum when they need trips to the vet for non-routine treatment.
    Please give Mr Winky a big cuddle from me and tell him that I'm really impressed with his cleverness :-).

    1. He looked up from his killer sudoku to say "thanks"

  2. My favourite pastime...I may need his help occasionally :-))


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