Friday, 31 May 2013

Last chance to buy - retiring lists are here!

Here they are - the lists you've been waiting for... the retiring stamps and accessories. Don't be glum if your favourite set is on its way out, there's still time to get your hands on one. And you have a whole month to stock up on retiring cardstock, ribbon and accessories. Well, I say a whole month - be warned that all items on the retiring list are only available while stocks last, so get your orders in early please! Some items are discounted so act fast!

Click the links to see the lists... and don't forget to check before ordering as items are being marked as sold out all the time!

Retiring stamps

Retiring accessories

The lists are looooong, because of the Colour Refresh. Also bear in mind that the stamps list looks extra long as some are listed three times, due to the different languages are available. Best thing to do is sit down with a cup  of tea and your catalogue, ticking off the items which are going to see if there's anything you "need".

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hearts and flowers birthday card

The stress of life continues as our little cat, Cobweb, has been suffering from seizures this weekend, which is really horrible to witness. Fortunately she doesn’t seem to know about them and is otherwise fine. Tests by the vet reveal no liver or kidney problems so all we can do now is observe and wait. She’s been clear for 24 hours now, which is the longest since Saturday, so fingers crossed.

I am struggling to find things to show you right now as my most recent projects have been sent out to people and the images lost in the Mac Crash of last week. Every time I switch on the computer I find something that needs recreating, or finding, or lost forever. Apparently we can try to have info retrieved from the fried hard drive but it will cost £360 and there’s no guarantee, so I’m going to see if we can manage without.

So, in the absence of projects made by me, I’m very cheekily going to show you some of my birthday cards, starting with this one, by my friend and downline, Alison, as I know she won’t mind.

Alison is noted for her tardiness in sending cards – I’ve received Christmas cards at 6pm on Christmas Day itself, and this beautiful card (along with a VERY nice present) was left on my doorstep at 10pm on my birthday.  It uses many products that I don’t have, and I don’t have time to root through the catalogues to find you a recipe, sorry about that. I don't even know the name of that DSP, how shocking is that? I love how she's used the small butterfly punch on top of a tiny piece of Stitched Satin Ribbon. And the Honeycomb Embossing Folder on vellum is lovely, as its split the paper - a spritz of something shiny has made it curl up nicely, too.  Anyone care to fill in the gaps?

Better go - not only do I have to go to work, but I've been sitting here so long that a spider has tried to make a web from me. True. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Artistic Etchings with creped filter paper technique

Happy bank holiday everyone - I'm writing this on Sunday in glorious sunshine so let's pretend that this weather continues until Monday, shall we?

I love getting together with my team and last weekend was my quarterly team meeting. It was fantastic to have so many people there, which is largely thanks to a big influx of new demonstrators during Sale-a-Bration.

We always have a mixture of business talk, demonstrations, chatting, Make & Take and, of course, cake. I only charge a nominal fee for these events and guests get to come along free if they want to find out more about signing up, so why not come along to my next one in September?

If you can’t wait that long, bear in mind that it’s always a good time to join Stampin’ Up!® but some times are even better than others. Right now is one of those times as, if you join up to and including 30th May (yes, that’s 30th NOT 31st), you get an extra £25 in your Starter Kit!

In real terms, this means you pay £99 and can CHOOSE £155 of products from either of the two current catalogues.

Please drop me a line if you’d like to find out more.

Meanwhile, here’s the Make & Take we made at our meeting. The one on the left is the card we made, while the one on the right is the “stepped-up” version I showed.

Between us, my downline Alison and I demonstrated techniques using Creped Filter Paper. Alison made a flower and coloured it with reinkers. I showed this technique which is really simple:

  1. Stamp on a piece of Whisper White or Very Vanilla cardstock in a relatively pale colour. I used Summer Starfruit.
  2. Cover the whole image with Stampin’ Up!’s Anywhere Glue Stick. It’s important that you use glue stick rather than wet glue, to prevent the ink from running.
  3. Cut a piece of Creped Filter paper slightly larger than your white cardstock and screw it up in a tight ball.
  4. Open it out and spread it over the white cardstock. You want to get it as flat as you can but you will still have wrinkles from where you screwed it up. Trim around the edges, or fold them around and glue on the back.
  5. Stamp a co-ordinating image on top. Done! 
On the first card (left), I kept things pretty simple, adding a few embellishments such as a cardstock flag, piece of Crochet Trim, a button and a bit of bling. This would be perfect for a Make & Take at a party as it’s quick and economical.

The card on the right is good to show to people at a party as it steps things up slightly, with an embossed background using the Hexagon Folder (who doesn’t love that folder?). I’ve also used the Artisan Embellishment Kit instead of the button and added an exciting new product; Washi Tape. Now that I’m getting more confident, I really love that stuff!

Finally, I tried something new – splattering the background with some reinker mixed with rubbing alcohol. It didn’t go quite to plan and, as longtime customer Angela T pointed out, “it looks like you’ve spilled something on it”. Point taken.

Stamps: Artistic Etchings
Cardstock: Crumb Cake, Soft Suede, Summer Starfruit, Whisper White
Ink: Summer Starfruit, Soft Suede
Accessories: Naturals Buttons, Crochet Trim, Basic Rhinestones, Artisan Embellishment Kit, Epic Day Washi Tape, reinker (I used Early Espresso as it was the nearest one I had)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Caturday kitten... as promised

I'm back, with Caturday, as promised. Had a productive morning; picked up my new satchel, handmade in Derby to my specifications (More Mustard and Elegant Eggplant, more or less) and ordered a bed in the hope of putting an end to back pain misery.

So here's Max and isn't he a cutie? He's a feisty little kitten who isn't afraid to stand up to big bullies like Solo. Max came to the shelter with his mum. Maddie, and they are still there, so if you're interested, just give me a shout!

Online shopping update

Unfortunately, online shopping has been suspended while a few teething troubles are ironed out. I'll keep you posted on that one.

And I'll update with a kitten picture later, when daughter gets up. Letting her have a lie-in as, even though she's on study leave for her GCSEs, she has been in to school every day this week for revision sessions.

Back in a bit!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Criss-cross box template and online shopping


I’m here, honest, just finding everything that involves computers very difficult. Just had to reinstall my watermark programme, find my watermark etc… all takes time. In fact, there's a rogue watermark lurking on these pictures which I will have to deal with another time. 

I do have VERY exciting news to share, although I am a couple of days behind other demonstrators. But the great news is that now you can shop with me any time of day or night! No need to worry if I’m at work, in the bath, in bed, or on holiday (I wish!), just visit my online store and click away.

Now I haven’t had chance to test this properly yet, so I would be very interested to hear how it goes. But all you have to do to visit my all-new professional SU website and store, is click the “Shop Now” button on the left. Or here, that should work, too!

Apparently I can set up workshops so you can order as part of a workshop, but I haven’t looked into that yet, so watch this space.

Meanwhile, if you want to place and order, just go for it!

This month’s Virtual Hostess Club order is here and most orders are on their way or have been collected. Here’s a pic of this month’s gift – a little box of orange jelly beans.

I decided to force myself out of my comfort zone and use this season’s hot colour; Calypso Coral. I admit this is not one of my favourites, but it’s cropping up everywhere – and, of course, it’s one of the In Colors which is being saved from extinction and returning as a core colour with the new catalogue in July.

It’s also one of the colours of the Washi Tape you get with the This and That journal, so this was my first foray into using this fab little product. I simply stamped my words, laid a strip of tape underneath – which was easy because I could line it up nicely and reposition if necessary – and then die-cut the shape.

Recognise the flower? Thought not. It’s from a new set which is coming your way in June. I coloured them with a Calypso Coral marker (and blender pen), cut them out (yes, all 10 of them!) and toped them with an extra large rhinestone.

The box. Ah, I knew you’d be asking about that. I have adapted it from one designed by Nichole Heady so that I could make it from A4.

I began by cutting my A4 down to 8” x 11½” and then scored as shown in the image. I stamped just the triangles, using Whisper White on Midnight Muse. I think it goes rather well with Calypso Coral and can feel a U-turn coming on…

Stamps: Best of Flowers, Just Believe
Cardstock: Midnight Muse, Whisper White
Paper: Tea Party
Ink: Midnight Muse
Accessories: Apothecary Accents dies, Calypso Coral marker, Blender pen, Epic Day Washi Tape, Large Rhinestones, Medium Cello Bags

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Experiencing technical difficulties

Let's start today with a sad story. If you can't be bothered with my whining, skip to the important bit at the end. Otherwise, please indulge me for a few minutes.

Last night, my iMac died. :( I knew it was old and needed upgrading and it was on my "to do" list but you know how it is, I just hadn't got round to it. I even had my external hard drive on my desk ready to back up, but was busy deleting unused files in the name of streamlining. I've learned the hard way. I've had the Mac mended... BUT the hard drive is dead as a dodo and, due to my lax backing up, I have lost everything from the past 12 months.

On the up side:

  • Photos ... not so bad, as the children won't let us take photos of them any more anyway, so we probably haven't lost too many of importance. Although all my albums seem to have disappeared and they are in random order.
  • Calendar ... happily, I uploaded everybody's birthday to only a few weeks ago, so that's ok
  • Emails ... I'll get over it I suppose. I was due for a clearout.
  • Music... I don't download much music so most of that is there.
  • Stampin' Up!® business resources... thankfully, I have been uploading lots of these to my new team forum. 
  • Stampin' Up!® contacts... again, thankfully I use MailChimp for my newsletters so my mailing lists should be intact.
  • The computer is now upgraded as far as its advancing years will allow. So my son is happy about that. 
  • It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. 
On the down side:

  • Email preferences ... still wading through these as it's definitely not one of my strengths. Struggling, if I'm honest.
  • Calendar... all my plans and dates to remember have gone.
  • Email contacts ... still not sure about these. I'm so used to typing the first two letters of somebody's name and having it appear automatically.
  • The big one: my accounts. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Really wanted to put my tax return in early this year and now I have to start from scratch. I cannot begin to tell you how gutted I am about this. 
  • It's soooooo time-consuming. 
The important bit:
Please be patient while I try to sort out this mess. I may well have lost your email address so please drop me a line to say hello. However, don't expect a reply in a hurry as I've not managed to configure that particular email account yet. 

Also, if you have emailed me in the last few days and are awaiting a reply, please send your message again. 

I have lost my calendar, so if you have a party booked, PLEASE let me know the date and time, just in case I don't have it written down on my paper calendar.

That's all I can think of right now. I have learned my lesson and will be backing up at least daily from now on. The new operating system will make it so much easier. 

And if you know anybody local who can work magic on Apple Macs, please let me know. Although the prognosis was dire, I live in hope. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

By The Tide Masculine Card class projects

Saturday was my quarterly team meeting in the morning and Father’s Day class in the afternoon – several of the team made a day of it and stayed for both, which is always nice.

I've been banging on about my Father's Day class for long enough, so let's get those projects out of the way and I’ll show you what we made in the morning another time.

These have evolved a little since I took the photos but you get the general idea.

The square card is a fancy fold, which is a bit bonkers but makes the fish pop out. The fish literally popped out on some of the cards made as some people coloured them, cut them out and covered them in Crystal Effects®, as I did on this project. Others didn’t like the effect or preferred to keep things simple, and went with the Midnight Muse.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why does it say ‘nephew’ on the card when it’s supposed to be for Father’s Day?” I just wanted to show a few options and give people the opportunity to make a card for somebody else in the family – some made cards for husbands, some for sons, some stamped a general “happy birthday”.

We also made the envelope out of Designer Series Paper which I’d like to say was because I wanted to make everything match but really was because I designed the square card before I realised that we no longer sell large square envelopes. Really should pay more attention to the catalogue!

The second card was a simple thank you card, stamped with sea horses. And the box was a criss-cross box, designed by Nichole Heady, which I found through the wonders of the internet.

This was the first class I’ve ever done when I’ve provided full sheets of cardstock for people to cut themselves and it was a steep learning curve! Some of the ladies found it stressful, which is definitely not what we want from an afternoon of crafting. I can’t go back to cutting everything up for individual kits, as I’ve done in the past, as that would mean I would have to cut back on events, but I have taken on board their suggestions for next time so things should be simpler.  Rest assured, though, that home parties will still have everything cut up and ready for speedy assembly.

My next event will be my Catalogue Launch Party. Check out the events button for more details.

Stamps: By The Tide, For My Family, Oh Hello
Cardstock: Midnight Muse, Summer Starfruit, Cajun Craze, Summer Starfruit, Very Vanilla
Paper: Comfort Café DSP
Ink: Summer Starfruit, Soft Suede, Cajun Craze, Midnight Muse, Crumb Cake, Soft Suede, Pool Party
Accessories: Neutrals Buttons, Linen Thread, Oval Punch, Scallop Oval Punch, Apothecary Accents Dies, Cello Bags, ¾” circle punch

All products by Stampin' Up!® 

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Caturday - Where's Winky?

Caturday comes round fast at the moment... so fast that I still don't have the kitten pictures from daughter's iPod. So here's a picture of Winky hiding in the ferns. He's not very good at hiding, as you can tell. Bless him.

Better dash - it's a big day today, with a team meeting this morning and Father's Day class this afternoon. How exciting!

Friday, 17 May 2013

By the Tide divided box of notecards

Again inspired by Monica’s retreat projects, I attempted something quite ambitious for me – a divided box with an acetate sleeve. I really don’t get on with acetate but I decided to go for it, even though I only had one piece left. The other challenge was to come up with my own measurements, as I wanted to include some notecards and a pen. The remaining section was really only big enough for some small tags, so that’s what I made.

Wish I’d used a different piece of DSP for the sleeve as I could have used this on the back of my journal. Never mind, I have a friend coming to the rescue.
I’m not going to give you the dimensions for the box as I don’t have them to hand and have loads to do today to prepare for the events of tomorrow. I have a team meeting in the morning, followed by my Father’s Day class in the afternoon. This evening it’s my daughter’s prom as she leaves school today. Can’t quite believe this, it’s all a bit scary and I’m feeling very old, so let’s skip straight to the recipe:

Stamps: By The Tide, Sweet Essentials, Just Believe, Itty Bitty Banners
Cardstock: Midnight Muse, Summer Starfruit, Cajun Craze, Whisper White, Soft Suede
Paper: Comfort Café DSP
Ink: Summer Starfruit, Soft Suede, Cajun Craze, Midnight Muse, Crumb Cake, Soft Suede
Accessories: Mini brads, Linen Thread, Scallop Oval Punch, Crystal Effects®, Stitched ribbon – Summer Starfruit, Bitty Banner framelits, ½” circle punch, ¾” circle punch, 1¾” circle punch, Corner rounder

All products by Stampin' Up!® 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

By The Tide masculine fishing journal

Inspired by the projects on Monica’s retreat, I came home and decided to be a bit more adventurous with my crafting, steering away from cards, cards, cards.
One of the first things I made was this decorated journal. I decided to decorate it using By the Tide and Comfort Café papers so that I could display it at my Father’s Day class this weekend, and will be offering a similar project as a class in the future, using brand new products from the new Annual Catalogue, which goes live on 2nd July.

I decorated the front and inside covers but still have to do the back as I ran out of Comfort Café paper in this design. Bit frustrating when I have seven packs of the stuff all packed up and ready for Saturday’s class, LOL!

The fish are stamped in Soft Suede, then coloured in using ink pads and blender pens. Finally, they are covered in a layer of Crystal Effects® for a shiny, fishy finish. They are popped up in the centre and glued down around the edges (although they keep escaping!).  Thanks to French demonstrator Cécile Ortiz for the inspiration (sorry no time to find actual link).

This is one of the options for the ladies on Saturday, when they create their By the Tide Father’s Day card.

The edges of the Very Vanilla cardstock are brayered a little, using Summer Starfruit ink. As is the DSP strip behind the word “NOTES”. This paper is Summer Starfruit on Very Vanilla and it was a bit harsh for the front, so I brayered all over it using Summer Starfruit. I like it!

Stamps: By The Tide
Cardstock: Midnight Muse, Very Vanilla
Paper: Comfort Café DSP
Ink: Summer Starfruit, Soft Suede, Cajun Craze, Midnight Muse, Crumb Cake
Accessories: Naturals buttons, Linen Thread, Scallop Edge Circle Punch, Crystal Effects®, Bigz Alphabet Dies

All products by Stampin' Up!® 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Regionals in Telford - plus a rare team pic!


Wow, what a weekend! We travelled down to Telford for Stampin’ Up!® Regional Training on Saturday morning, as it’s really not that far away. Four of us in one car, meeting up with others when we got there – well, that’s no mean feat in a vast convention centre packed with 300+ demonstrators! To be fair, it was such a big venue (Telford International Centre) that it didn’t feel crowded at all, which was surprising.

When I think that the first Convention I attended in 2010 had around 300 demonstrators in attendance, and now we can gather a crowd that big just for a training day, it makes me realise just how far we’ve come. I can't even believe how big my own team has grown - and was delighted to gather so many together for the training day, meeting some of them for the very first time. Here we are - yes, some of us have our eyes closed, some of us aren't even looking but at least we're all together... it was like wading through treacle trying to get everyone together in one go! Especially with the addition of our special guest - all aproned up for the ladies, yes it's Chris from Demo Support, without whom most demonstrators wouldn't be able to function properly. 

How far we’ve come was one of the topics of one of the presentations, showing us facts and figures about Stampin’ Up!’s growth in Europe. The info I jotted down is upstairs and I’m really too tired to fetch it, so you’ll have to settle for the fact the figures are very impressive.

We also experienced business training from various presenters, including very brave demonstrators! And there were some gorgeous demonstrations of products which are soon heading our way in the new Annual Catalogue. It’s always exciting to see new products being used for the first time.

We were lucky to hear some very exciting announcements, too – and rest assured I’ll share the info as soon as I’m allowed!

There were Make & Takes, which naturally I didn’t finish because I was too busy nattering. Chatting is a big part of the day as it’s an opportunity to catch up with your own team members and demonstrator friends we’ve made along the way. Swapping is a big part of the day – I didn’t have time to swap this year but the nature of Stampin’ Up!® means I didn’t come home empty-handed as several generous souls gave me one of their swaps anyway, which was very kind of them.

Talking of kindness... some of us had decided to make a night of it and stay over in Telford on the Saturday evening to celebrate my birthday. And I was surprised and delighted to be showered with cards, presents and even a beautiful chocolate fudge cake. So we ate cake, drank wine and yes, even crafted thanks to the forethought of Sue, Alison, Alison and Donna who had brought along little projects for us to create on the hotel bed! When I’ve found those I’ll show them to you. Meanwhile, here’s the Make & Take I did manage during the day; a little box made from the Two Tags die, filled with tiny cards. It uses the Clockworks stamp set which I don’t have so it was fun to get to have a play!

Stamps: Clockworks, One in a Million
Cardstock: Calypso Coral, Whisper White
Paper: First Edition DSP
Ink: Calypso Coral, Gumball Green, Pool Party
Accessories: ¾” circle punch, Fancy Flower punch, In Color dahlias, Two Tags die

All products by Stampin' Up!® 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Caturday - good news and bad news

Kitten pictures are still languishing on daughter's iPod, while daughter languishes in bed (bit unfair to use the word "languish" at 7.30 I suppose!), so here's some other cat news for you - some good, some not so good.

The bad news first: my downline Donna has lost her cat, Mitty Moo, who has been missing since mid-April. There have been sightings but no joy so far. So if you see a black and white cat in Allestree, please take a look to see if it looks like this (although bigger as she's grown since this was taken).

And for more details, or to report a sighting, go here. Really hope she is found as Donna and her daughters are devastated.

In brighter news, remember Pebbles, the "troubled" cat from the shelter?

Back in this post, I reported that she'd been promised a "forever home" but it never came to pass. The great news is that a dedicated cat lover has now taken her on and she's moved in, apparently into a kitchen cupboard but it's early days.

Ok, better dash, leaving for Telford in 20 minutes for a Stampin' Up!® training day with about 15 of my team (honestly, have lost count!) and at least 300 other demonstrators!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Blossom punch card with International Bazaar

I have some exciting new projects to show you but haven’t had chance to photograph them yet, so you’ll have to settle for this card, which uses the International Bazaar Designer Series Paper. This is my favourite sheet from the pack; love the bright colours and the feather/leaf pattern.

In other news, my This and That bundle arrived yesterday and it’s just as fabulous as I’d hoped. The pages are all made from heavyweight DSP in really lovely, slightly grungy designs. There are a couple of pockets in there, too, with some envelopes to add photos, tickets, memories... you name it. And that’s just the journal! The stickers have really fun sayings, the DSP is gorgeous (right up my street, with “dirty” edges and everything, LOL) and the washi tape looks like fun. Finally, there’s the rotary stamp, which is great fun and I can’t wait to play with it. Didn’t get chance yesterday as had a stream of visitors all day for some reason...

Stamps: Curly Cute
Cardstock: Daffodil Delight, Pacific Point, Rich Razzleberry, Lucky Limeade, Whisper White
Paper: International Bazaar DSP
Ink: Rich Razzleberry
Accessories: ¾” circle punch, small scallop circle punch, blossom punch, scallop edge punch, basic rhinestones

All products by Stampin' Up!® 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Postage Due thank you card

Postage Due is one of my favourite stamp sets in the main catalogue but, for some reason, I don’t seem to use it much. Here, instead of just looking at the stamp set, I knuckled down and actually took it out of the packet and USED it. I also love this Natural Composition Speciality DSP – which has a raised glossy pattern on one side. Again, I don’t make enough use of this.  I find it difficult to make these busy, collage-y cards – I hope that, with the help of these two fab products, I’ve pulled it off.

I sent this card to Monica, to thank her for all the hard work that went into planning and holding the retreat. Hope it's worthy!

Stamps: Postage Due, Curly Cute
Cardstock: Midnight Muse, Very Vanilla, Gumball Green, Raspberry Ripple, Primrose Petals
Paper: Poetry Prints DSP stack, Natural Composition DSP
Ink: Midnight Muse, Sahara Sand
Accessories: Apothecary Accents Framelits, Itty Bitty Shapes punch pack, Bird Punch, Crochet Trim, Basic Rhinestones

All products by Stampin' Up!® 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Caturday - cute tortoiseshell spotted on a walk

Happy Star Wars day, everyone! May the 4th be with you. It is, of course, also Caturday, so I bring you this tortoiseshell and white beauty.

(There's a really cute kitten at the shelter but the photo is on my daughter's iPod and, as she's 16, she's still in bed, so you'll have to wait a week for that one.)

Meanwhile, here's a gorgeous girl we found on a walk recently. I must reassure my friend Amanda that we don't actually catnap all the kitties we find on walks and take them back to populate the cat shelter. In fact, she can go and check that this one is still there as it belongs to one of her neighbours.

However, this one did take some shaking off as she tried to follow us up the footpath, but we managed to get away in the end.

Just had an email informing me that my This and That bundle is arriving on Wednesday - can't wait!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Oh, Hello... and goodbye to these colours

Three retiring colours plus a couple of fab stamp sets make this little card. I am embarrassed to admit that I only realised very, very recently that these two dies from the Apothecary Accents Framelits pack layer up very nicely if you turn the “square-ish” one 45º. Doh!

Stamps: Oh Hello, Postage Due
Cardstock: River Rock, Not Quite Navy, Riding Hood Red, Very Vanilla
Ink: Not Quite Navy, Riding Hood Red
Accessories: Apothecary Accents Framelits, neutrals brads, linen thread, itty bitty buttons, postage punch

All products by Stampin' Up!® 

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A little bit of This and That - exclusive product bundle

Ooh ooh ooh ooh... no I’ve not turned into a chimp, I’m just too excited to speak! A cup of tea will calm me down (it’s the taste).

Ok, here’s the thing: This and That! A brand new product which will be in the new Annual Catalogue but which we can purchase during May only as an exclusive bundle.

What exactly is This and That?
It can be anything you want it to be. A journal, an informal scrapbook, a portable pinboard, a photo album... carry it around with you and journal as life happens. Take a look...

Who will want it?
It would be great for students who want to record their crazy lives! Kids will love it. And how about you? No time to scrapbook or, when you make time, you are afraid to commit? With This and That, you just slap your photos, ticket stubs and memories in the journal and be done with it. It’s guaranteed to look great with all the co-ordinating products. You can also use the products separately for funky cards and other projects. Who will want it? In short, who won’t?

What do you get in the bundle?

  • Epic Day This and That Journal with debossed chipboard cover with hexagon design. Pages are made from Designer Series Paper. Price from 1st July: £9.95.
  • Epic Day This and That Designer Series Paper. 12 sheets, two each of six double-sided designs. Price from 1st July: £9.95.
  • Remember This and That Rotary Stamp – a classic library-style rotary date stamp with clever and useful phrases. Turn dial to personalise and date. Price from 1st July: £5.50.
  • Epic Day This and That Designer Stickers. Four sheets with variety of designs on semi-gloss paper. Thinner than the Simply Scrappin’ stickers to minimise bulk in your journal. Price from 1st July: £4.50.
  • Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape. Yes, we have Washi Tape! Attach ticket stubs, photos, anything into your journal with this funky patterned tape. Three designs in varying widths. Price from 1st July: £4.50.
How much is it?
The price for all of the five products above is £29.24, which is 15% off the total of the items purchased separately.

Can I purchase the products separately?
Yes, but not until the new catalogue comes out on 1st July.
Correction: Yes you can! I must have missed the small print, doh! But really, why would you when you're saving 15%?

How do I get the bundle?
Just contact me and I’ll order one for you. The cost is £29.24 and, if you collect from me, I’ll waive the shipping charge (order goes in on 15th May). Otherwise it’s £4.95 shipping to anywhere in the country (delivery to selected European countries also available – just ask).

Why are you making chimp noises?
Because this is such a cool and exciting product! And because it’s proving really popular in the USA, so I’m delighted that I can get my hands on it early. I’ll be putting my order in today! 

The small print

This is my personal blog and my sole responsibility as an Independent Stampin' Up!® demonstrator. All images are © Stampin' Up!® All content including photographs, projects and text are © Helen Read, unless otherwise stated. Please feel free to copy my ideas for your personal use and inspiration - if you are a SU demonstrator you may use these ideas for your events but please give credit where it is due. Please do not use my ideas for monetary gain, competitions or publication. The images on this blog - including blog buttons - should not be copied and used elsewhere on the internet or on CDs.