Joining Stampin' Up!®

Joining Stampin’ Up!® is a risk-free way to start your own craft business

Join for just £99 and choose the contents of your Starter Kit 
You’ll also receive business supplies to help you on your way

Hold just one or two events per quarter to meet your quarterly minimums of £270 (catalogue price)
Your own purchases also count towards your minimums

You’ll get a discount on all your craft supplies, plus additional commissions if you hit certain targets. If you recruit your own team, you will get commissions on their sales, too, provided your meet the minim sales requirements. 

You are in control

Keep it small and fund your hobby... or, if you’re willing to put the work in, grow your business and start earning real money

Rewards are many and varied

As well as the flexibility of running your own business, discounts and financial rewards, you will increase your circle of crafting friends, get recognition for your achievements, get sneak peeks, the opportunity to attend SU events and be part of an amazing company which is making a difference around the globe. And don’t forget free products – there are many opportunities to earn freebies sets along your journey... not forgetting that you get hostess benefits on any qualifying orders, too (where you are the named hostess).

How to sign up

To sign up as a demonstrator, you have to do so through another demonstrator. If you signed up with me you would become part of my "downline" and I would be your "upline".

To join my team right now, all you have to do is complete the online form by clicking here! Yes, it's THAT easy! 

Choosing an upline

This is the biggest section because it’s arguably the most important. Sometimes I hear about people who are dissatisfied with the level of support they receive from their upline, so it is important to choose your upline carefully, to make sure she is a good match for you – especially if you’re looking at a long-term business prospect. 

Once you have joined, you cannot change your upline without dropping, waiting three months*, and then buying the Starter Kit again, losing any promotions and recruits along the way. So it’s important you get it right first time.

1. Talk to your potential upline and ask what support she offers. Tell her what you want out of your demonstratorship. If she knows what you want, she will be better equipped to support you.

2. Be honest with her. If you are talking to several demonstrators about joining, tell her that you're shopping around. But please don't ask her for extra incentives to join; the Starter Kit is great value already and no further incentives are required.

3. Find out if she holds team get-togethers and if you can attend one before signing up. If she says no, you can’t come until you’ve signed up, go elsewhere. If she doesn’t hold team meetings or training, don’t be put off – she may be just starting out on her SU journey, just like you, and you can learn together. She may also be part of a wider team whose events you can attend. 

4. If possible, have a word with her other downlines (if she has any) and find out if they are satisfied with the level of support. Their responses will tell you if theirs is the kind of team you’d like to join.

5. Once you've made your decision - whether you've decided to join or not - please do tell ALL the demonstrators you've been talking to. Demonstrators don't like to be left hanging, wondering if they should contact that potential recruit again. Send an email saying “Thank you for your help but I've decided it's not the right time for me to join.” If you choose to sign up with somebody else, please do tell her as it's almost inevitable that you will bump into each other at a SU event at some point. A simple “Thank you for all your help but I have decided to sign up under XX instead as she lives nearby/her business style is a better match for mine” can save everyone from an awkward moment!

I’m not saying that I’m the perfect upline for you. But I will:

1. happy to talk to you about signing up, answer any questions you have and hopefully allay any fears.

2. delighted to welcome you to our next team meeting in Derbyshire (about 20 mins from Derby, 10 mins from Ripley). These are held quarterly and are a great opportunity to meet others and find out how the run their demonstratorship THEIR WAY. Just let me know and I’ll send you details. If the meeting is too far away (either in distance or time), I will... 

3. happy to put you in touch with some of my team members so you can pick their brains. You may even choose to sign up under them if you prefer! 

But I do urge you to think it through carefully as this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

* If your upline drops so you are left an “orphan” and you want to sign up under somebody else, you don’t have to wait three months, but you do still have to buy the kit again and you would still lose any promotions/recruits. However, the new kit is completely customisable so you won’t need to duplicate any products.

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