Sunday, 25 June 2017

Caturday (yes I know it's late): Professor Happy Cat

It’s a topsy turvy weekend. Caturday is extremely late this week... because it's already Sunday. This is mainly because I've been so busy with many things, including the Birthday Wishes Challenge but also because I was holding out for this particular photo, which just makes everyone smile (except cat phobics and dogs, perhaps).

Let’s just focus in on that happy smiling face, shall we?

This is Pooboo, who crashed into our lives by smashing up the locked catflap and never really left. We nicknamed him Tavish, for reasons I can’t be bothered to type, but he soon gathered many more names, the most commonly used being Pooboo (NO idea why). He’s also known as Powbow, Sweet Pete Sweet, Big Bob, Robert Dobert, Jonathan, Big Choobalooba, Cowboy Sneep Snip (honestly, ask my daughter if you want reasons... and the full list) and, more fittingly, Professor Happy Cat.

He is worshipped. The most amenable cat you could ever wish to meet, he likes nothing more than having his tummy rubbed and cannot walk across the patio without flopping over to present his finest asset to you.

Anyway, come back later for Mix It Up Monday... yes, on a Sunday, at 11pm. I told you it was a topsy turvy weekend.


  1. He is adorable. I have an orange cat that is a lover also! His name is Red Ninja but he is often called "Naughty Boy" for the many impish things he does. It is not funny when he gets out at 11:30 pm and runs into the forest where we know there are foxes and bears! Cheers!

    1. Ooh no, we don't have bears to worry about here. We have foxes but I don't think they'd take on a cat. If you send me a pic of your Red Ninja, he can be Caturday, too! :)

  2. Worth the wait for the cute photo! And the funny story of his name(s).

    1. He really is a delight (I won't be saying that when I have to let him in through the bedroom window in a couple of hours) and my daughter read this and said "You forgot X, Y and Z!" (ie, names that I still can't remember because they're so ridiculous)


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