Monday, 24 March 2008

Do you want to join me?

Have you ever considered becoming a Stampin’ Up!® demonstrator?

If you enjoy sharing your love of rubber stamping, it could be the perfect way to earn some extra money, subsidise your hobby and have fun!

When I signed up I wasn’t sure if I would be comfortable standing up to talk to a group of people and leading workshops. But I decided that it was worth a try, even if just for the starter kit. You get £240 worth of stamps, accessories and business supplies for just £139, including postage.

As it happens, it turns out that I love being a demonstrator! There’s something very satisfying about helping someone who has never made a card before to produce something beautiful. And stamping with friends old and new is so much more fun than stamping alone.

To sign up as a demonstrator, you have to do so through another demonstrator. If you signed up with me you would  become part of my downline. I have a special password-protected blog - Great Stamping Minds - for my downline where we can share tips, advice and project ideas. I am also available to answer questions and offer advice when required. For example, you may want me to sit on the other end of the phone talking you through placing your first order! But if you prefer to go it alone, that's fine, too - and I would never push you into doing more than you want to. 

Being a demonstrator means you are in charge of your own business - how much work you do is entirely up to you. Some people buy the Starter Kit and leave it at that - it's worth it for the great deal and the free postage. Others become "Hobby Demonstrators", meeting their targets on their own or with friends - this is a great way to ensure you never pay full price for crafting supplies again. Some do the occasional workshop to bring in a bit of pin money... for others it's a handy sideline... and yet others build it up into a successful career. You could say that there are as many ways of being a demonstrator as there are demonstrators! And one of the great benefits is that, because YOU are in charge, you can step up your business or ease off to suit you. As long as you sell £250 of products each quarter, you will remain active. And that's usually achieved in one workshop! 

I've been with Stampin' Up!® right from its launch in the UK, and have been a fan of its products for many years... just itching to get my hands on them. I adore Stampin' Up!® and am totally committed to its products - I firmly believe that there are none finer! 

This is why I’d love to have you in my downline – please email me today to find out more. There is no better job than being a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator - why not give it a try? 


  1. Whether you sign up as a demonstrator for the great products Stampin Up has to offer, or you become a demonstrator to pass on the crafting bug, Stampin’ Up is a great company to be with. The products are really quite special and the crafting projects that they can be used for are infinite, which is why the workshops that demonstrators run are usually very inspiring and great for sales!
    Having an Up-line has many advantages, including that you have someone to turn to for ideas tips inspiration, an experienced head is a real help when you are starting out. So if you are thinking of becoming a demonstrator I really would recommend signing up under someone, you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

  2. I've been a hobby demo (do this in my spare time for fun, not as a business) in the US the last couple of years, and I've really enjoyed it. I've averaged one workshop a quarter, which is just enough to stay active. One thing I've loved is that my upline and her upline have remained understanding of my doing this more for the challenge of putting together an occasional workshop and friendship with fellow stamping enthusiasts, rather than wanting to make a business of it. They've never pressured me to sell, and have always been there to give me ideas and support.

    I've really enjoyed the friendships with fellow demos, exchanging creative ideas, the discount and having a sneak peak at the new catalogs! If you love stamping, becoming a demo is great fun even if you don't build a full-time business with it.

  3. I am a hobby demo (in Canada) and I love it ! "Imagine not ever having to spend an arm and a leg for another card ever again!" is usually what gets people's interest :) Here cards are anywhere from $5 - $7 (with the minimum wage not much more than that).
    People will buy what you sell if you love it too ! They see how much I love to make cards and how much fun it is.
    My 1st workshop was with 3 ladies and the sales was almost half of my quarterly minimum !

  4. What do I enjoy most about being a SU demonstrator? What's not to love?!! I love stamping and LOVE SU products. When I first heard that SU was coming to Canada I just wanted to buy the products. I didn't know about signing up or workshops or recruiting - I just wanted the products. I don't like speaking in front of people so that was scary but I can honestly say that once I got talking about SU you couldn't stop me - LOL. I have had several customers tell me that my "love of SU products and my enthusiasm for stamping shines through". Without sounding cheesy, really the best part of joining SU and my upline is the friendships I've made. I have met SO many lovely ladies from being a SU demonstrator that I never would have met otherwise. I work full time, so only do about 1 workshop/class a month and I have a small but very loyal group of friends (customers) who keep me "active". I wouldn't have it any other way. CC

  5. Forgot to say, the money I make with SU goes into a special holiday fund so I can visit my wonderful cousin in England every year. How excited do you think I am, now that she's signed up with SU too??!!! CC

  6. I love having a good excuse to get out of the house a few times a month for a fun girl's night (even if I am technically "working" as a Demonstrator - it doesn't really feel like work)! With a full time job, 2 kids, a husband and a house, I was finding it hard to "make time for me". But now that I'm a demonstrator, I have no guilt when I say "okay, I'll be out this Friday night doing a workshop"!

  7. Well, the parking is just ducky! Crazy me, I have that one touch ordering thing going.....I'm like placing orders in my sleep. Adding a demonstratorship to my already SU! life was just icing on the cake.....or jelly on the scone...or syrup on the crepe!

  8. I've been a demonstrator in Canada for almost 5 years now. When I first joined, it was because I LOVED the product and could totally see how I'd use it in my scrapbooking. Over the past few years, I've met so many wonderful people and forged some very good friendships, all because we had Stampin' Up! in common. I definitely still love the product, but now it's the friends that I've made through Stampin' Up! parties, events, and get-togethers, that I love and cherish most of all. :)

  9. I've been a "hobby demo" for over a year now, and I love it! I have never regretted my decision to sign up! If I lived in an area where there was a greater interest in stamping, I would definitely do more classes and workshops. However, I live in a rural area - there are just not enough people around. For me, driving to a craft store to buy the supplies just isn't worth it in gas alone. It is much better to order online, and have it dropped on my doorstep. When I order from Stampin' Up!, I know I am getting high qulaity supplies, at a discount no less! I love that they've matched the colors for me - no guess work with the inks and color families. The stamps are so wonderful, and the embellishment and tool selection is great too.

    I have several friends and family members, who live all over the country, that order their stamps and supplies from me. So meeting my quarterly minimum is never a problem. The friendships I have made being a demo are priceless - I have been able to 'meet' wonderful women all over the world who share my interests, listen to my ideas, and give me valuable feedback; the ideas people have shared with me have inspired me to grow as an artist. And truly, there is nothing better than giving a handmade gift!

    The newest benefit I have discovered about this wonderful hobby is that my young daughter enjoys it, too. What a bond we form when we sit down to work on a project together. And her sheer joy over seeing that big browm box show up on the doorstep is delightful - she loves goodies!

    One of my uplines does this as a living - she gets to be a mom by day, and make a whopping income as a demo in the evenings and on weekends. She earns cruises, goes on trips, and is just amazing.

    It is really great, imo, that Stampin' Up! has made room for all types of people - those of us who love the discount, and do this as a side hobby, as well as those who have chosen to make a living out of it! The opportunity is amazing, and I recommend signing up as a demo to everyone!

  10. Hi!
    I'm seriously thinking of becoming an SU demonstrator..well, getting the starter pack at least. I'm not sure about the whole workshop thing and how it all happens since I only know one other person that paper crafts..
    But anyway..
    I'm from Derbyshire too.
    What's the kit like? I've read about it but I can't seem to find any great detail or images (key thing!!) about it..
    Tamsin :)

  11. Hi I'm nterested in signing up with SU as I love the products as they all blend together. I'm unsure that I can hit the targets as I seem to have slipped out of the getting together bit with people. I have had a party & loved it & still waiting for the SU demonstrator to book a date for the new book.
    Would love your input
    regards Mandy


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