Saturday, 1 August 2015

Caturday: Leonard and Baby

Leonard (left, with food on his face) and Baby

Leonard and his little family have welcome a new addition into their litter. Baby is a similarly-aged black kitten who has joined the gang. As of last week she had settled in well and was eating with the other kittens but not quite progressed to sleeping with them. 

Black cats are notoriously difficult to home – not sure if this is for superstitious reasons as I was always led to believe that black cats are GOOD luck, but it’s a fact. But hopefully these two will find homes as soon as they are ready to leave the shelter (which is not yet, as they’re too little). 

Tiny Leonard
Baby takes a nap

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  1. I enjoy reading about your cats. I cared (fed) a black feral cat for about a year. (Michigan). Unfortunately, he was bit (?) by something and his neck was very swollen. In all that time I was never able to get near him, but I talked to him every time he came for food. He did get hit and killed by a car. I went and got him and brought him home to bury him. Finally, he got a hug. That night, another little one showed up. I think she had been here before and I would put food out for both cats. I can't get near her either. God Bless you for all the good work you do. (I am devastated about poor Cecil). I enjoy all your stamping ideas, also.


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