Saturday, 24 March 2012

It's Caturday!

Introducing a new, possibly unsustainable and totally non-stamping related blog feature: Caturday! Daughter has a habit of filling my camera with cat pictures and it seems a shame that they go to waste so she and I reckon my blog could benefit from some furriness.  Readers with cat allergies can rest assured that no dangerous dander can reach your tender nostrils from behind the safety screen. However, I do extend my apologies to any cat phobics and advise you to skip my blog on Saturdays in future.

Today’s poster girl is sure to be a regular; it’s Cobweb, our largely misunderstood female feline. This was taken by my daughter on one of her first voluntary forays into the garden of the year. That’s Cobweb’s first foray, not my daughter’s, although on reflection, it was probably her first, too.  And I say voluntary because Cobweb is of course turfed out daily in the hope that she’ll wee outside instead of in the litter tray we have been forced to provide for her since the incident I will refer to as Legogate.

But the sun came out a few days ago and Cobweb decided, all by herself, that it would be a good thing to investigate. She loves being high up as there’s less chance of getting beaten up by ninja neighbour cats or her brother – even though the chances are pretty slim as they’re all terrified of her due to her “whack first, don’t even bother asking questions later” policy of defence.

So here she is, at the top of the pergola, eyes set to “stun”. Hope you like her – if not, see you next week for some stamping stuff! And if you don't like stamping stuff, see you next Caturday!

Supplies: Black and white cat, pergola, camera (operated by daughter)


  1. Sweet!! Saturdays are ALWAYS Caturdays on my blog too! I've been doing it for years, lol! Welcome to the cat-loving day!

  2. How fun is this?! I can't speak for your other viewers, but as a scrapbooker, I love looking at pics, especially those that are close to the heart. I think this is a wonderful way for your daughter to express herself and we get to see sweet kitty pics at the same time!
    Cobweb sounds like my kind of cat! Don't get me wrong, the snuggly cats are OK too, but I love the personality of the attack cats!

  3. Hope he doesn't greet me with that look!! :)

  4. There's always time in every day for a lovely cat photo! And she is very sweet, despite what you say about her little quirks!

  5. Lovely photo & keep "caturday", it's a great idea

  6. I love the idea of Caturday. Cobweb looks like an old cat that my Mum & Dad had. Love a cat with personality and it seems she has a lot of personality.

  7. What a pretty kitty. Your daughter took a great photo! :) Your supply list for this post made me chuckle.

  8. OMGoat, she looks like a cross between our Sylvia and her brother Smedley but has the personality of our Miss Marple!

    As for cat collecting, I thought we had the market cornered.


  9. Oooh! I like the Caturday feature. :) I love the pic of Cobweb.



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